and thank you for visiting our website.  Founded in Southeastern Wisconsin, Blanck Studio of Art is a national firm specializing in stained glass creation and restoration along with liturgical and historical applied arts.  

With a commitment to integrity, we have developed a reputation 
for professional excellence through the high quality of services we perform for our clients.
We have developed a reputation for professional excellence through
the high quality of services we perform for our clients
Cove Spring United Church of Christ ~ Troy, Ohio
Completed July, 2017
Design, fabricate and install (4) new stained glass donor windows.

Competed December, 2016
Design, fabricate and install new Nativity stained glass window grouping in likeness of their existing windows (pictured left).

Completed August, 2015
Stained glass conservation and new protective storm glazing over (12) perimeter windows.

St. Mary's Catholic Church - Chillicothe, Ohio
Completed August 2017
Restore exterior statue of Mary. 

Completed April, 2017
Asked back to design, fabricate and install (5) new stained glass transom windows.

Completed May, 2016 
New paint scheme integrates the vertical center nave with ornate frieze stenciling and faux wood-grained ceiling beams, and includes faux marbled columns, trompe l'oeil finishes, and gold leaf gilding throughout.

Piqua City Schools ~Piqua, Ohio​
Completed February, 2017
Restore Historic Victorian window.

St. Mary's Catholic Church - Piqua, Ohio
Completed May, 2015
Stained glass conservation of (40) Victorian windows with new protective storm glazing.
It's a Wrap
Nativity windows designed, fabricated and installed by Blanck Studio of Art, LLC
Cove Spring Church ~ Troy, OH