Decorative Painting & Restoration
Decorative Painting refers to interiors that are painted for appearance rather than protection alone.  Ornamental paint applications involve layers of color and design to augment the architectural elements of a space.  Commonly teamed with faux finishing techniques, the result is an aesthetically pleasing environment to enhance the activities therein.  
The needs and applications for every client are unique and proprietary.  To assess the current condition of the structure is essential, however it is also a relevant footprint in time.  Each building style and historical period has appropriate traits and decorative approaches to consider.  

When preparing for a decorative interior paint restoration, a thorough inspection is made to assure longevity of the paint finishes.  Any roof or window leaks, visible plaster damage and erratic climate changes are first corrected.  Blanck Studio of Art works with you to establish the desired artistic scope, budget and time-frame that best supports your purpose and needs.
St. Boniface Church ~ Piqua, OH (Left)

Holy Angels Church ~
Sidney, OH (Upper Right)