Stained glass windows are small colored and painted glass pieces assembled together in a network of lead came and secured within timber, metal or stone framework.  First made popular in France and Germany, by the 10th Century stained glass was recognized as another method in the Church to translate scripture and bring biblical figures and scenes to life.  

These unique works of art are equally fragile as they are beautiful and should be closely monitored.  Regular inspection and maintenance of the building shell, particularly roof, walls, rainwater products and pointing will help ensure that problems from the exterior do not affect the windows.  It is also important to have proper storm glass installed to protect your windows from untimely problems due to direct contact with the weather, temperature fluctuation, and vandalism.

At the earliest detection, note problems such as sagging, bowing, cracked glass, paint deterioration or excessive leaks/condensation and contact Blanck Studios for a complimentary assessment.
Stained Glass, Preserving Your Past
Cracked & obscure storm glass before installation of 1/4" clear laminate protective storm glazing.